Issues with drum note entry

• Nov 17, 2014 - 19:13

I am seeing some strange (to me) things with drum note entry but wanted to check with others to be sure I'm not missing something before filing them all as bugs. They have to do with the difference & interaction between entering notes via keybaord (or clicking in score after selecting an icon, which seems to work the way way) versus double clicking on the palette (which works differently).

To follow along, create a score with two staves - one "normal" and one drum (in that order). Works to just add a drum staff to My First Score,

Voice assignment Issue

1) measure one, drum staff, note entry
2) type "B" to enter a bass drum note
3) Esc to leave note entry mode
4) measure two, drum staff, note entry
3) double click the bass drum icon

Result - the first B gets added in voice 2, but the second in voice 1. It seems automatic voice assignment only works for notes entered by keyboard shortcut. Is this deliberate? As mentioned previously, if you enter the note by single-clicking the icon then clicking in the score, the automatic voice assignment works.

Input position issue

1) any measure on drum staff, note entry
2) double click the snare drum icon (marked with shortcut "A", but don't use shortcut)
3) press "0" to enter a rest
4) double click snare drum again

Result: the note gets added on top of the rest just entered, rather than on the next beat as it would have had you used keyboard shortcut rather than double click. Again, is this deliberate? Also, again, clicking icon then clicking score works more as for keyboard.

Cursor position issue

1) any measure on drum staff, note entry
2) double click snare drum icon
3) und

Result: cursor jumps to top staff (this is why you needed two staves). This is of course a bug, but seems possibly related to the input position issue.

I had thought maybe I broke this with some recent cursor positioning changes, but it appears it has been this way since the Beta (which isn't to say I didn't break any of this earlier :-)


It occurs to me that the input position issue may be deliberate, or at least inevitable. The usual behavior of double clicking a palette item is to apply to the "current" note, which is in this case the msot-recently-entered note. That's necessary for things like applying articulations or dynamics while in note entry mode. So in that sense, it does seem consisten/logical that double clicking a note would replace the msot-recently entered note/rest. Might be worth thinking about special casing the drum palette, though.

I think I've encountered the first issue, and haven't been sure as to whether it's a bug.

The latter two I would say are wrong behaviour, however.

All of these are bugs to me. The first one being less serious maybe but still.

Just because it's tangent: It's very important that we keep the ability to override automatic voice allocation with the voice selector.

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OK, I will file these.

So, I never quite understand how the voice selection is supposed to work for drums. It looks like right now, entering notes via keyboard always uses the pre-defined voice for the drum, but entering notes by selecting the icon then clicking in the score always uses the currently selected voice. So it seems to me that clicking in the score is the way to override the automatic voice allocation. Double clicking palette icons is confusing me - sometimes it uses the predefined voice, sometimes the current voice. EDIT: maybe it's using the voice of whatever the cursor is on?

I am also having trouble with the voice override. If I enter note input mdoe in an empty drum measure. click the snare drum, then hit Ctrl+Alt+3, nothing happens. If I click the "3" on the note input toolbar, the drum palette closes, and if I then type "A", an A gets entered onto the piano staff.

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Also #39476: Score corruption upon entering drum note in segment with no element in voice 1. Note that of these four issues, only #39456: Double clicking icon on drum palette enters note at wrong location / voice, undo moves cursor to wrong staff is really related to my original post. #39461: Unable to use note input shortcuts in drum entry mode after selecting an icon in drum palette is the result of my comment about having trouble getting the voice override to work. Turns out that's really a general issue with no shortcuts at all working after clicking in the drum palette. My pending PR fixes everything but this issue with shortcuts not working after selecting a drum icon, which I think is related to the accessibility changes made over the summer.

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