Double clicking icon on drum palette enters note at wrong location / voice, undo moves cursor to wrong staff

• Nov 18, 2014 - 15:48
S4 - Minor

Ubuntu 14.04, GIT commit: 949eefc

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1) new score for piano & drumset
2) measure one, note entry on drum staff
3) press "A" to enter a snare drum note
4) double click snare drum note icon in palette

Result: note is added on top of previous note. It is using the selected note rather than the input cursor position. That's normal for other palettes, but the drum palette should work like other forms of note entry.

The voice at which the note gets entered seems to be erratic as well:

1) same score, empty drum measure, note entry
2) change voice selector to 2
3) double click bass drum icon

Result: bass drum is entered into voice 1. It seems to be using neither the predefined voiced for bass drum (2) nor the voice selector (also 2). Instead, I think it is using the voice of the currently selected element voice, and that's the measure rest in voice 1. If you first type "B", this enters a bass drum note in voice 2, and now with that note selected, double clicking the bass drum icon starts entering more notes into voice 2 (starting, as suggested above, by overwriting the first note).

Finally, after double clicking an icon in the drum paltte to enter a note, hit Undo. The cursor moves to the top staff of the system (that's why my steps above start with a score for piano & drums).