Compilation problems

• Oct 8, 2008 - 08:36

I'm trying to compile .93 on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy. However it gives me a fatal error saying that I don't have the proper ALSA, but I have a high enough version. Is there another package I need to install?



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First I do "make release", which takes a long time.
Then I do "sudo make install", which doesn't.

After I have done the first on one computer, can I then copy that directory to another computer and do the second (install) on a different computer?


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To copy an installation you have to copy the file "/usr/local/bin/mscore" and the directory /usr/local/share/mscore-0.9.

"make install" checks for dependencies and needs the whole /trunk/ directory (source and compiled binaries).

This of course works only on machines of same type (linux distribution) and which have the necessary libraries installed (notably qt4.x).

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On one of my installations, the playback part of the toolbar is missing. I would like to try compiling again and reinstalling. Do I have to remove my current installation first? If so, how do I do that? (running .93 on ubuntu hardy) If not, do i just follow the instructions for installation again?

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