Entering Triplets (3 for a note)

• Dec 14, 2014 - 12:56

musescore 2.0 beta 1
IT's a find program, but I would be great, if aou xould enter triplets a little bit easier.

When finishing the triplet, the length of the note (for the next notes) should be the lenght of the triplet-notes together.

Just an example
I select quarter, give in a rest, chose triplet (+3), enter 3 notes,
If I continue now, i get a triplet for the next eighth, but I want a triplet for the next quarter.
It would be great, if after the triplet the eltgth for the next note (a indicated) wold stay a quarter.

Thank you


N, 5, Ctrl+3, A, C, D, A
should probably make that last A a quarter note, but indeed does make it an eighth.
N, 5, Ctrl+3, A, C, D, 5, A

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But you also need another Ctrl+3 before the second set of triplets. Entering 5, Ctrl 3 is significantly slower than entering only Ctrl 3, especially if you are entering notes from a MIDI keyboard. To me, reversion to a quarter note seems the appropriate default. It would be nice to have it as an option, at least.

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