• Jan 19, 2015 - 20:03

Having issues with saving a new template in Beta 2. (Win 7)

I'm re-setting a lot of male voice music so I thought I would create my own template for tenor, tenor, Baritone and bass.
I've created a page that just has the 4 staves correctly labelled.

I have saved this as a compressed Musescore file (called 00-TTBB) in
c:\program files (86)\musescore2\templates\02-choral

When I then create a new score the new template is not listed in the templates screen. When I look at that directory using Win Explorer, the new file shows with a lock icon before it.
What does that indicate?

When I then close my new score and use Win Exp again, there is no trace of my new template.

Just what am I doing wrong?


FWIW, in MuseScore 2.0 builds, it is not recommended to save into the applications own templates folder. Instead, save it to your own Templates folder, right next to your Scores folder (MuseScore creats both of these as well as other local folders for you, on first run).

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