any other application sound can be heard if musescore is running

• Jan 26, 2015 - 21:00

If the musescore is running and I play anything with it, it is prefect. But if I would like to heard sound of any other application I can not do while the musescore is running. Why? How can I fix it?


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It's not a Linux thing, per se. I can run 1.3 and the current builds for 2.0 with sound and have VLC playing back with sound and I didn't do anything special to set them up. Just lucky, perhaps. Using xubuntu 14.04. I do recall looking up a Linux sound troubleshooting guide before I upgraded to 14.04 so worth Googling that, maybe. FWI I have 1.3 I/O set to Internal Synth, ALSA, Portaudio and 2.0 set to Pulseaudio. Maybe not giving a jack about Jack is the answer.

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