Musecore 1.3 suspends PulseAudio when it should not, so other applications cannot use sound

• Aug 7, 2013 - 08:28
S4 - Minor

I have just installed Ubuntu 13.04 from scratch with as few dependencies as possible, then installed Musescore 1.3. After starting Musescore, other applications cannot use the sound system, so I cannot play an MP3 in Rhythmbox and watch the score in Musescore.

Running /usr/bin/musescore in a terminal window reports

/usr/bin/musescore: 11: /usr/bin/musescore: gawk: not found

and sure enough, gawk is not there, because Ubuntu installs mawk by default. The effect is that /usr/bin/musescore suspends PulseAudio, so other applications cannot use the sound system.

There is no apparent reason why /usr/bin/musescore should run 'gawk' explicitly, rather than 'awk'. The AWK code does not use any gawk-specific features.

The packages for gawk and mawk both use the alternatives system to create 'awk' as a symlink to the appropriate package, so it should be easy to call awk instead of gawk.

My work-around is to install 'gawk', but it would be very nice for Musescore to support a default Ubuntu installation.


Ok, I could not see how to create a bug report against mscore-ubuntu on launchpad, and ended up just emailing the team admin. Hope it works.