Long line of notes is not shown completely

• Feb 5, 2015 - 17:41


I'm using MuseScore 2.0 beta (but also 1.3 has an issue) and I have one bar where there a a lot of sixty-fourth notes (47).
When I look at the page, note all notes are displayed on the page. The rest of the notes are displayed on the next page (over the next bar).

Is there a solution for this issue ?



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Basically the page width isn't large enough to cope with alll those notes.

You have 2 options - either use a larger page size or reduce the scaling so that the notes fit.


Thanks a lot for all suggestions !
You've been a great help.

I choose for the last option to use the Inspector on the 2.0 version and noticed that I could adjust the horizontal spacing too.
I didn't find an option to do this for all notes at ones in this bar, but I could do it one by one which solved my issue.

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You can adjust things in Inspector for all notes in a measure or other selected range. Just select the measure, right click a note, Select / All similar elements in range selection, then you have full access to the controls in Inspector.

But if your goal is just to space a measure more tightly, that much simpler - select the measure, Layout / Add Less Stretch, or the shortcut "{".

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Thanks for the reply, but it doesn't seem to work for me this way.
When I select the measure, right click a note I indeed get the inspector, but the horizontal spacing seems to work for only one of the notes.

When I try the last proposal via Layout, it shifts the notes very weirdly.

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Did you do the "Select / All similar elements in range selection" after right clicking?

Of course, if you literally change the hotizontal position of all notes at once, they just moved as a gorup; the spacing isn't reduced. But it is if you reduce the "Trailing space".

Note sure what you mean about the stretch shifting the notes weirdly. It should do it perfectly propertionally, although I guess if you've been messing with the spacing through manual adjustments, you manual adjustments probably won't make sense any more. You'd want to reset those first. or just leave them alone, and use the stretch method *next* time.

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