6/9 Chord Anomaly

• Mar 3, 2015 - 16:51

Discovered this today:

Had to add a slash to keep the font.


I suppose you are probably using a score imported from 1.3, and/or are using one of the old obsolete 1.3 chord description files or a custom one you made yourself?

For scores created in a current build using the "Jazz" option rather than one of the old 1.3 chord description files, this shoud work just fine. The old chord description could only render chords they specifically were anticipating, but the new system can handle just about anything (within reason).

To use the "Jazz" option in 2.0 builds, either start from one of the "Jazz" templates, or go to Style / General / Chord Symbols and select the Jazz radio button at the top.

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This is a score made with one of the current Nightly's. I'm not quite sure why the setting in "Chord Symbols" changed. I didn't do anything with it. Something similar happed to me once before. Quite recently. The only think might be it changed when I downloaded and started working with a current Nightly. Thanks, I'll have to watch for that one.

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It could be you loaded an older style file (Style / Load Style), or created the score by starting from an older 1.3 score and then deleting everything and starting over (eg, exactly what happens if you start from a template built in 1.3). Other than that, it's hard for me to imagine this option changing on its own, even after installing a new build. Nothing has changed in any of this since I added these options, which was the better part of two years ago.

If you do find this happen again, do let me know, but I'm really thinking it has to be something you did that you aren't remembering.

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