Errors being flagged in new nightlies - spurious time sigs. Original score 1.3

• Mar 4, 2015 - 15:05

This has happened over the last couple of nightlies - I just down loaded today's and tried to open the score referred to.

The score was written in 1.3

I have a score with one part extracted.
When I load this score into MS, I get and error message. The details point to improper time signatures although there are no odd time signatures visible.

Attached is the score.
Error message on score: Bar 116 Staff 3 - expect 4/4 - found 17/16
Error in the part: Bar 8 Staff 1 - expect 4/4 - found 1/2.

I have no idea how to fix this.

The error messages I get are in Bar 116 in the score (something like 17/2, I didn't write it down

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All I see is "Measure 116, staff 2, voice 2 too long. Expected: 4/4; Found: 17/16", and sure enough there is a stray sixteenth rest at the end of that measure so that measure is corrupt.

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The message says staff 2, voice 2 of measure 116 is 17/16, which is to say, 1/16 too long for the measure (4/4 = 16/16). If you prefer "Ignore", you can load the score anyhow. When I do this, I definitely see a problem - see the invisible sixteenth rest at the edn of the measure? That doesn't belong there. In this case, it's extremely easy to fix the score - just select that rest and delete it.

I'm hoping it's the case the corruption was already there in the 1.3 version of the score - if you load it, do you see a similar error message? If not, I guess that means the corruption was caused by the 2.0 build you are using, in which case, it would be very helpful if you could identify steps to reproduce this starting from that 1.3 score (or better yet from scratch).

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In theory, nothing you could do would cause errors like this. But there arew a number of known bugs in 1.3 and earlier releases that could cause corruptions like this with certains combinations of operations - mostly involving copy & paste and either tuplets, multiple voices, or tremolo. We've fixed all the ones we could find and reproduce*, so 2.0 should hopefully be less likely to cause this, but it's an area we are very sensitive too and we definitely want to make sure we do everything we can to prevent these corruptions in the future.

The check for these corruptions was just instituted recently, BTW.

*Currently, there is only one known (to me) / reproducible cause of corruption in current 2.0 builds, but it involves a feature that didn't even exist in 1.3 (local time signatures - the ability for one staff to have a different time signature than others).

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