Octave text size doesn't change

• Mar 6, 2015 - 14:50

MuseScore Beta pre-release.

Edit Style -> Octave -> change font size
No change at all.

New placed ones does change.

BTW, how do you force it to display "8va"/"8vb" as it was in 1.3? Thanks.


It seems that the text style for lines (ottavas etc) don't affect existing text, you have to go in to Line Properties (in right click menu) then hit OK for the change to take. You don't even have to change anything in the dialog.

That's a bug, I guess. But the way text styles interact with lines is a bit different from how it works for other text elements, since a line is not itself a text element; rather, it *contains* text elements (up to three - begin, continue, and end). It's kind of possible the behavior you are seeing needs to be that way for some reason. But it wouldn't hurt to file this to the issue tracker (via Help / Report a Bug from within MuseScore).

Oh, and if you want the "8va", just edit the text in that same dialog. Or uncheck the "Numbers only" box in the Inspector.

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Well, if you have a score with some octaves markings and you see they are all too small, one would expect that you can change it from the options. Having to click one by one makes no sense, regardless of "internal software reasons".

The "Numbers only" trick does work, thanks. Still, that should also be an option in Style->Text->Octaves.
I guess I'll post two issues :/

BTW, it looks to me that in Beta 2.0 there are a lot of small texts (fingering, octaves, tempo). In 1.3 the default sizes were bigger. I wonder if that's related to the Windows (the OS) default font size (or zoom level, whatever that's called in english).

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I agree, it makes sense it should work for the text style to affect the existing lines.

As for numbers only, not sure that makes sense to include in text style - the text style settings are meant to be relevant for all text, but his is really a line-specific thing. Would make more sense to have this setting in Style / General / Hairpins, Volta, Ottava - and sure enough, it is! So actually, I'll close that issue :-)

As for some texts being small by default - I compared 1.3 and 2.0 and am not sure what you mean. Default font sizes are the same for both - 12pt for ottava & tempo, 8pt for fingering. Are you seeing font sizes other than these? Perhaps you are specifically referring to how a 1.3 scores looks once imported into 2.0, rather than 2.0 scores created from scratch? In theory, scores imported from 1.3 should look similar, but if you've used staff or page scaling, that scaling factor gets "baked" into the font sizes in 1.3, and differences in how font scaling works in the older versions of the Qt libraries used for 1.3 versus the current version used in 2.0 might explain any small discrepancies you see. Or just the fact that 1.3 used whatever fonts you had, 2.0 provides a standard FreeSerif font, and maybe the default font on your system (probably Times New Roman) might render 12pt and/or 8pt slightly bigger than FreeSerif does?

Anyhow, feel free to post a specific score where you are having issues with font sizes. Now is the time to resolve problems if there are any...

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>"Numbers only" thing
You're right, you can close that issue.

> Font size
And you're right about this too, I forgot that I always work on the same score and I initially created in 1.3.

Creating a new score from scratch gives a different result.
Although fingering markings are still too little IMHO. Probably exactly like they were in 1.3, but I suggest making them bigger and bold, as it is in most printed music.

Anyway, how do I change a style to default? There seem to be no option apart creating a new score, exporting the Style and then importing it from another score.

Not a big deal, but still.

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