Problem exporting score in Midi format to Rosegarden

• Oct 9, 2008 - 08:44


I wrote a score with MusceScore, saved it in Midi format (.mid). When I open it in Rosegarden each note appears divided in a shorter note and a silence. Ex. a crotchet appears as a eighth to dot + a quarter crotchet rest.

I will post the same question in the Rosegarden list.

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Notes are usually played shorter than their nominal length depending on articulation. This played lenght is exported to midi. Rosegarden (and mscore when importing midi) can not distinguish between a staccato played 1/4 note and a 1/16 note followed by a 1/16 rest. With artificial intelligence and some guesswork import of midi could be improved but i think you are asking for too much.

You can try to use MusicXML as exchange format which preserves the score notation of your music (but i'm not sure rosegarden can import it).

This probably has to do with the gatetime cutting the note short.. For a quick fix you can select all the notes and double click the legato symbol in the palette. For more info about the gatetime search the forums and the developers mailing list.

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"Select all the notes and double click the legato symbol in the palette" In MuseScore or in Rosegarden.
I don't see it in MuseScore legato symbol in the palette, but by selecting a note and using the "S" key of the keyboard. Is it that?

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Sorry, I meant tenuto rather than legato. (It looks like a dash that appears above or below the note). The tenuto marking increases the note duration to its full length during playback. The slur might have a similar effect but I would experiment with the tenuto markings first.

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Thanks, David. I made a few try with the tenuto marks and it seems to work. It is not so comfortable, but we've got already something. I still hope there is a be a better way.

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The other way is to edit the GateTime. This is no user interface for this but you can save the file as .msc and open it in a text editor. Look for the gateTime related tags. The numbers in the gateTime tags are percentages of the full note duration. Replace the numbers with 100 to increase the playback of each note to its full length (if you are using 0.9.2 or earlier you should enter the number 99 instead of 100 to avoid a bug). Probably the work-around I suggested earlier is more convenient.

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Use the find function in your text editor to search for gatetime. The tags occur just before the parts and music section. Here are the default settings as of 0.9.3:


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I did use the search function but I did not find the word gatetime or a closer name. My version is 0.9.1 (revision 646), maybe that's the reason. It is the version that goes with Ubuntu-Studio, and there is not yet an update to 0.9.3. I can update it directly from the site, but I'd generally prefer to wait for the Ubuntu updates.

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