Nightly build fixes 2.0-RC repeat woes

• Mar 18, 2015 - 16:58

Hi All,

I'm new here hope I don't look like an idiot for posting this LOL. However I saw several messages regarding the topic, and there didn't seem to be any conclusions. So, here's what I have to report.

I had installed* MuseScore2 Beta (MS2B) and was very impressed by the improvements over the 1.3 edition.

I noticed however that after using the program for several weeks that the "Play Repeats" button no longer played repeats. Oh my, I'll miss my deadline :)

So I uninstalled/reinstalled MS2B and there was no change in behavior. Then uninstalled MS2B and installed MuseScore2 RC (MS2RC), and again no change in behavior. So I downloaded the latest Nightly build (MuseScoreNightly-2015-03-18-1408-40e60ff), uninstalled MS2RC, and copied the MuseScoreNightly to program files. The Nightly build fixed my "Play Repeats" problem.

So, thanks to the MuseScore developer community for caring. Hopefully the problem doesn't come back after a few weeks (knock on wood).


Note *I'm a Windows 7 user. Ya, got a Mac and 15 linux VM too for software development, but Windows is my goto machine from the early days when I couldn't justify the price difference between Mac and PC LOL.


In general, repeats playback, but depending on the complexity of the roadmap of your particular score, maybe MuseScore is having trouble following (if so, probably a human musician would too!).

If you'd like help, please post the score you are having problems with.

Ok, I'll try to help by posting this very simple example: Repeat_Example.mscz

It certainly is not my song, however ... Most will recognize the melody, and that serves the purpose for demonstrating the barline and repeat combination that stopped working for me, and how the repeats should be read.

At the moment I'm suspecting that MuseScore gets lost with some measure insert/deletes. I had remove all the coda repeats, and add them back to get the right result this time. In the other piece I tried that also, but the only thing that helped was using the nightly.

Please understand that I like most features of MuseScore2.0+ .... It's your baby, kind of like art. I.E. if people like your vision and the results, it gets a place on the wall; otherwise, it gets recycled.

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That example works for me, but I did get it to fail to repeat correctly after editing some. And as I mentioned was able to fix the failure by removing all repeats, etc... and adding them back. I did not try the example with the beta or RC.

The 2.0 beta worked flawlessly for me in several other scores for about 2 to 3 weeks, and then something broke. The only thing I could do to get exactly the same file to work again was to use the nightly build ... both the 2.0 beta and RC failed to "render" the score correctly. Sorry, but the score is not publicly releasable at this time.

I recommend playing with what I posted, adding/deleting measures, and other changes. At least the sample is small enough to play with. I may have more time to attempt a reproduce-by tomorrow.

I empathize with this kind of problem also being an app developer (using Qt which is not the problem of course ... except for QML LOL). The hard part of development is in fixing a problem that is not easily reproducible. I've found the only way to do it is to "eat the dog food" constantly.

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