2 bugs in 2.0: tremolo and enharmonic

• Mar 27, 2015 - 08:46

Hello guys!

I just found two bugs in 2.0..
[1] Was working with tremolos between two notes and I made some position changes in inspector properties (horizontal). When saved and opened the score again, the positions was resetet to 0.00 again...
[2] Same thing happens with enharmonic changes when using "J" when writing. I put Fsharp, Asharp, Csharp, then select these notes and hit "J". Now I have Gflat, Bflat and Dflat. Seems to be OK, but when saving, closing and opening again - I have all the sharps again... P.D. It is OK when changing by arrows, so I guess "J" shortcut does not work properly.
Anyway, this kind of things are causing concern, when you are working with the score, saving your work and then opening it later, you do not know what things will be OK and what things will be resetet by default...


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