Convey Metadata to MP3

• Mar 27, 2015 - 14:10

Audacity seems to have little trouble conveying metadata to LIME, the MP3 encoder. MuseScore has metadata aplenty. I shouldn't have to write eyed3 scripting to do this (as I do now); MuseScore should tell what it knows of composer, title, etc. to LIME.


Audacity is a sound editor, it makes sense that they have all sort of options for this. MuseScore is a score writer, which happen to have mp3 export... Anyway.

Which metadata *exactly* would you want to see added? In which format, ID3v2.4 (audacity export IDv2.3 by default) or something older? Could you share your script?

Oh and it's LAME, not LIME, if we are talking about the mp3 encoder and I believe it can't deal with id3, Audacity is using the id3lib project.

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Arggh! What a lime error! :)

Surely, composer, title, maybe copyright. Any ID3 that iTunes and other current players can understand, and that to whatever degree protect the contents as being somebody's rather than anonymous music (I long for the days of yore when copious liner notes backed LP releases).

Enclosed is my python script using the id3 python library and sqlite. When I write a new MP3 from Musescore, I go to a ready command window in the Performances (brother of Scores, etc) directory and python -U. The command help says what it does.

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