no concert pitch button

• Apr 11, 2015 - 16:35

I just downloaded MS 2.0 but I can't find the concert pitch button. Am I missing something?

Best regards, Robert

screen 1 MS 2.0.jpg

screen 2 MS 2.jpg


Well, I can't translate to tell you what it says in your language, but I can tell you it is the button second to the the right on the main toolbar - right between the icon of the metronome and the icon of the camera. It's also the last item on the Notes menu. "Werkelijke toonhoogte"?

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Just enter it as one instrument and then change the instrument (right-click on an empty bit of any measure and choose Stave Properties).

Or, create a score with two instruments, enter the notes in the violin stave and then copy them (maybe a few measures at a time) to the clarinet stave - I like this way as it hones my transposing skills and I like to think I'm playing several instruments well (at least, in my head). Coming originally from British Brass Band music I was self-taught in transposition from about age 9 but it's a skill that benefits from repetition. The added advantage of using two staves is that it is easier to correct mistakes - I know that I can't enter a whole score without making mistakes.

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