trouble moving text elements on multiple staves using the inspector

• Apr 24, 2015 - 02:15

There seems to be a problem with using the inspector to reposition text elements on multiple staves at the same time. For example, at one point in a choral score I have a "tutti" directive on all the staves, and I want to reposition these but make sure they all end up at the same position relative to their respective staves. If I select all four texts and then type a new Vertical offset into the inspector, it sometimes works but sometimes not. In cases where it doesn't work, it stops working when I enter a decimal point; from then on it doesn't honor any keystrokes, including things like Bksp and Ctrl-A. It does (fortunately) continue to allow me to Esc out. I then end up repositioning the elements one by one.

I'm running the 2.0 release on Windows 8.1. It's possible that the problem has been fixed in the nightlies, because I've been unable to reproduce it in the most recent build. But I can't be sure, since I can't always make it fail in the released version.

I've attached the score where I encountered the problem. The last time it happened I was working on the "tutti" texts in m. 26.

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I can't reproduce on Windows 7 - entering a decimal point, or not.

FWIW: Instead of repositioning the elements one by one, you can Ctrl click each of the (Tutti) Staff Text entries and then drag the lot of them with the mouse. This will move each the same distance relative to their respective staves.


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That's good to know, but I'd prefer to use the inspector if I could get it to work consistenly. The advantage of using the inspector is that you get to specify the exact offset from the default position, which allows you to have consistent positioning if you're doing the same thing at multiple places in the score. You just can't get the same degree of accuracy and consistency if you're doing it by eye - particularly if, as I am, you're not even using a mouse, but rather a somewhat balky trackpad.

I don't know whether it means anything or not that you can't reproduce it in Windows 7, since it's intermittent even for me on Windows 8.1.

I can't reproduce either. If you ever find reproduclbe sstpes, do post them here, but I suspect maybe it was a fluke.

BTW, also consider using text style settings to make positions consistent. That is, if your always want "Tutti" and perhaps other markings to be at the same offset, you could just change the text style setting. If it's staff text but you want some staff texts at one position but others at another, you can create a custom text style so you can have two (or more) different positions, and then just select between them as needed using the Inspector.

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It's dead reproducible for me with the attached copy of the file in 2.0. On the other hand, I haven't been able to get it to happen with the latest nightly build, so there's a good possibility it's already been fixed.

Just in case you're interested, though, here are the steps that consistently cause the problem for me in 2.0: I've reproduced it about 15 times in a row, and it makes no difference whether I shut down MuseScore in between tries (I haven't taken the more radical step of resetting to factory settings).

- open the file
- use Ctrl-f to go to measure 28
- use Ctrl-click to select the three texts that say "(Tutti)"
- click the mouse in the 'Vertical offset" field in the Inspector
- type Ctrl-a to select the current contents of this field ("-1.70")
- then type "-1.6" (no quotes)

Edited to add: And just for the sake of completeness, I did reset to factory settings and it made no difference. The symptom still occurs.

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