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• May 27, 2015 - 11:14

Manual says that it is possible to create a template and use it when creating a new file. Fine. Created a template with line breaks, spaces, and the necessary clef. The result looks like this: template .

Now, when creating a new file using that template, we're getting this: new-file . All line breaks and spaces are cleared. And even the clef is different, one octave lower.

What's the purpose of such a template?

(the original question was here: , translated here from Russian)


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can you attach those images and files here? The site you used is not available unless you're registered (I think, I don't understand the Russuan on that page)

Scores created from templates inherit the list of instruments and style settings, but no content. That includes breaks, spacers, clefs, etc. So I guess instead of a template, you shoukd simply open the score and do Save As when you want to base another off it.

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Thank you for the comment. It is just somewhat unexpected, maybe non-intuitive, but definitely workable. With these constraints it isn't clear what's the purpose of templates mechanism and what benefit a template has over a SaveAs way. The key point is understaning :)

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The current template works quite well for its main intended purpose - allowing defining the instruments and styles for different types of ensembles. It's convenient to be able to quickly start a new score for a string quartet, or wind trio, or whatever, by selecting the tempalte from the lsit and everything needed for an ordinary string quartet or wind trio score is already set up for you. But it is true that this limitation means the templates aren't as useful for other / unusual purposes like yours. FWIW, it used to work that way, but too many problems developed as certain aspects of the source score that *shouldn't* end up in the new score were appearing. Or you'd want some aspect to be duplicated in some cases but not others. The current system is simpler and more predictable, but indeed, somewhat more limited.

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