Thank you for r1723

• Apr 5, 2009 - 01:04

Well, I've been anxiously waiting for this new prerelease, checking often in the last 2 weeks...

The good news: Playback of ties now works.
Not so good news: When I read a MIDI file, it still did not seem to set the instruments properly, so all of them seems to be set to some kind of piano-like sound. This is with the use of SF2.
Bad news: Previously I found a workaround to the instruments problem (documented in previous topics). Unfortunately, now the workarounds won't work either.

So, one step forward, one step backwards... My hope was to use MuseScore to read one of my compositions (through MIDI, since Sibelius can't generate MusicXML) and then generate a WAV file. It is still not working in r1723... (Of course, not willing to wait for so long, I have already downloaded other open source software, a VSTi host and a VSTi client that could use SoundFonts2, to do exactly the same thing. But it'd still be nice to see MuseScore able to do this.)


Just so people won't get the wrong idea, this is exactly as the issue tracker says.

Also, the memory usage profile was the same as reported before. Memory allocated during edit>preferences seem to be not released even when no changes were made.

Now one more thing: even with mscore -F, the memory footprint has increased significantly to 59MB for me on XP. Previously on r1667 it was only about 40MB.

And of course, when I quit, the process still stays in memory, as reported before. I now wonder if it has to do with how the program uses and releases use of the audio device. Could it be something to do with exclusive/non-exclusive use and if Windows didn't respond, will MuseScore time out?

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My previous workaround was to use File>Parts.
What happened was, it appeared that MIDI import did not initialize the instruments properly, nor set up the parts properly. So in r1667, when I set up the parts manually, then I can playback. Each instrument has to be set up at least once, which apparently initializes the fluidsynch instrument in the process.
Now in r1723, even setting up the parts won't initialize the instruments...

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That's sort of like I'll have to pay to use MuseScore... I agree with you this is the most basic of requirements.

So either we'll have to have a very good MIDI import, or else, any chance of having a direct Sibelius import? The latter is not a bad idea (though more work), considering that 1) Sibelius users is a significant market for new users, and 2) it'll do a better job -- I bet even the advanced dolet does not convert everything, and dolet lite is probably just a little bit above terrible. IMTHO (T=terrible)

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