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• Jun 19, 2015 - 19:46

Since upgrading to 2.0 I have created several new scores which open fine if I first open MuseScore and then load a file into it. However, if I go to my file folder first and try to open the file I get the following error message (translated from the German):
"This score cannot be read: Your version of MuseScore is too old. Download an upgrade now!"
This message only appears for files created with 2.0 - those originally created with 1.3 still open directly - but into 1.3!
Obviously, I can still operate, but the convenience of direct opening of a file no longer works, which is something of an inconvenience. Should I uninstall 1.3? If I do, will both types of file open with 2.0?


If you uninstall 1.3, then files created with both versions will indeed open in 2.0 when you double-click them. However, there should also be a way to change the default applications to open specific types of files on your operating system, without needing to uninstall 1.3.

The application is launched depending upon the file extension and not the contents. Since both 1.3 and 2.0 use the same extensions then only one application gets launched.

Look up "File Associations" or "File extensions" or Dateierweiterung for your operating system. Then decide which application you want to open when you select that type of file.

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Thanks Marc - you always solve my little problems!
The second method you cited turned out to be the quick and easy way.
You right-click on the file name and select " Open with" then "Choose default program" and select Musescore.exe. You can also tick "Use this app for all .mscz files".
All files now open instantly in 2.0

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