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• Jul 18, 2015 - 15:03

I do not understand why bar 40 in the attached file (work in progress!) comes to extend to fill a whole line - how can I get it to a normal bar length?
Solving the above may also solve my other problem - to get rid of page 6 which only contains the last 2 bars.
Any help will be much appreciated Letsdoit230415with chords.mscz

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Measure 40 takes so much room because there is a crazy amount of extra space added between beats three and four. It seems the syllable "pan" that should be seen on beat four got dragged way off into oblivion and MuseScore was just trying to create room for it. Just select that measure and press Ctrl+R to return things to normal.

It's due to some "mysterious" lyrics (pan - - - - - - -) which are above the top staff in measure 40.
You see it only in Continuous View, not in Page View.
By deleting this (don't know what was your goal with this, maybe a mistake somewhere?), the layout is good, for the end also.
See now your score: 1Letsdoit230415with chords.mscz
EDIT: crossed messages! Yes, Ctrl + R is better :)

Mystery. I tried the usual (reset stretch etc). then ended up selecting everything in the 40th bar and resetting with [Ctrl] r so something must be out of place in that bar. I note that you have a lot of ----- between lyrics where some would use ____ (to indicate a lyric syllable spanning more than one note) but I don't think that's necessarily it.

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