Preferences page locked - no page down ability - QT similar

• Apr 25, 2011 - 06:06

Running Mac Pro 17" Laptop w/. OS 1.5.2 leopard using MuseScore 10.0 for OS X
Clicked on General tab of Preference page from dropdown menu of Musescore header, (between the Apple & File)
Tried to close but got enlarged page in error with bottom off of screen could not close so had to close program with force quit
Tried to re open but most of script is now a garbled text in very small size. My eyes are not that good any more and I think I may have done something inadvertently
I backed up all my own muse files to a seperate HD and deleted the program. Downloaded a new program and installed it.
When I opened it up I had the same enlarged page which I could not close. Can anyone help?????


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