Adding lyrics to multiple voices

• Oct 10, 2015 - 21:03

Musescore 2.0.2. (default settings)
Windows 7 home premium.

I am arranging a song for my vocal ensemble, and have run into a problem that I cannot seem to solve.
It involves adding lyrics to different voices on the same staff.
The first and second verse (as an example) use the same melody, but the second verse has a slightly different meter, which I have added using voice 2.
When adding lyrics to voice 2, it writes over the top of voice 1, rather that writing it below the voice 1 lyrics, as it would be if both lyric lines were on voice 1.
I have read and re read the handbook looking for a solution, but cannot seem to find any.
An option would be to write verse 2 separately, but this would extend the full song to many many printed pages.
Any possible work arounds?

(edit) playback is not an issue, solely for reading by the ensemble.


Thanks for looking in the handbook. The answer is sort of there, but it might not be obvious.

Add the first verse as you normally would (click on the first note in voice 1 and hit Ctrl+L).

To add second verse lyrics using the same notes:
- Click on the first note in voice 1 again and hit Ctrl+L. This creates a new line of lyrics below the first line.

To add second verse lyrics to notes in a different voice:
- Click on the first note in voice 2 and hit Ctrl+L. Don't type anything or it will be covered by voice 1.
- Now hit Enter and you will be in a new line below the the voice 1 lyrics.

That's the best way to do it because then MuseScore will handle the staff spacing automatically, but you can also move them manually if you need to. For example, if you have Sopranos and Altos sharing a staff (Sops in Voice 1 and Altos in Voice 2) then you could put the Soprano lyrics above the staff and the Alto lyrics below the staff.

To adjust positions manually (e.g. to move Soprano lyrics above the staff)...
1. Write the Soprano lyrics in Voice 1 as normal.
2. Open the Inspector (under "View" menu, or press F8).
3. Right-click on any Soprano lyric, go to Select > More...
4. Choose "Same staff" and "Same voice". Click "OK". All Soprano lyrics should be selected.
5. Set the Vertical Offset to -10 (or whatever works for you) in the Inspector.
6. Now write the Alto lyrics in Voice 2 as normal (click on the first note in voice 2 and hit Ctrl+L).

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Thanks Shoogle, I knew the answer would have been obvious, step 6, had read it but did not associate it with lyrics for a second voice.
Your second suggestion was the one I was looking for, strange, I never thought of pressing return / enter key before typing, possibly old age is catching up with me.

As for SATB arrangements, I usually have them on separate staffs, and sometimes separate scores depending on their wants, as I create individual mp3 vocal guide tracks to help them with the piece.

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