Title in metadata is wrong

• Nov 12, 2015 - 21:37


I use musescore to create my scores and most of the time that is for multiple instruments. when done i export all part to pdf and we than use these PDF's in forscore for stage performance.

Forscore is capable of extracting metadata from PDF's in order to sort the pdf inside the app. Now musescore seems to export the instrument as a title. which means that all my score are called Trumpet in the app. or when i import the Trombone part they will all be called Trombone. Other meta tags are correct.

My question could this be changed. preferably the metat tag Title should be identical to the file name that is the most convenient way.

Alternativly it would be nice if from withing musescore additional keywords could be added to the pdf. can this be done using a script??

Regards Martijn


Confirmed. For the score itselt it doesn't use the title but the filename (without the extension) instead. And all the other meta tags (composer, lyricists, etc) are not findind their way into the PDFs meta tags at all, noticerd that just the other day.

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You mention that using QT it would most likly be possible to add these metadat to the pdf. I know this might not be the place to post it but just wondering; where can i find more info/learn more on QT. I would like to create a plugin that exports my parts to pdf. mp3 and additionally add metadata.

please advice so i can investigate and try and lear this language.

Kind regards,

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