Join MuseScore for Google Summer of Code 2016

• Mar 1, 2016 - 06:02

MuseScore is part of Google Summer of Code 2016 (GSoC)! If you are a student and you have aspirations to help improve the open source MuseScore notation software during the summertime, this is a unique opportunity to work together with the MuseScore developers and get paid for it. Learn how GSoC works and read through the student manual.

If you are considering applying, we have a list of ideas you can choose from. We'd love if you apply with your own idea. Don’t hesitate to contact the potential mentors from the ideas list or contact us via IRC (#musescore on, via the developer mailing list. We also have a document listing the Steps Toward a Successful Application, make sure to read it!

Don't let yourself be scared off by the knowledge prerequisites. You don’t need to be an expert in all domains, and there is some time for learning within the GSoC period. However, familiarity with Qt/C++ and interest in music and music notation will be helpful. If you still have doubts, read Am I good Enough?


I wish I could go but since it is a full time job and needs the knowledge of C++ I don't think I can. I would be glad to help build the website though. As long as it only uses HTML CSS and JS. (I am learning JQuery)

And why did I just get an e-mail about this? Also, who is Thomas and how do I contact him?
Anyways thanks!
Also, I probably can't go since I'm only 12 yrs (as of today). I have serious coding skills but I don't know C++ or Ql whatever those are. But I could help with the website since I know HTML, CSS, Embedded JS(Default script tag JS), JQuery, ProcessingJS, and AngularjS. If I can't help build the website I was wondering if I could use the code to make it and edit it at which I cannot profit from it there. I swear not to use it in any illegal way and I will give a link to the website from my khan academy program. Otherwise, I can just recreate the code myself.

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