Does the 8va belong to the instrument?

• Apr 6, 2016 - 14:51

I wrote a part for bass recorder, which is notated 8va. I changed my mind and changed the instrument (in the "staff properties" menu) to bass viol, which is notated at pitch. However, the 8va at the start of the system remains. Is that correct? I would say that that the 8va is a property of the instrument so if I change the instrument it should come or go as appropriate.

Also I can not find in the handbook how to remove it by hand. There is only an entry for 8va lines.



just replace it from the clef Palette.
But yes, it seems a bug to me that the clef doesn't change along with the instrument, not neccessarily the clef in the score, but the default clef as seen in the add instruments dialog. If that'd change, then a simple delete if the clef in the (1st measure of the) score should return it to the default one.

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It's not necessarily a bug that the clef doesn't change. i think it was deliberate, as for some scores you may have made deliberate choices of clefs you don't want clobbered by an instrument change. Consider also the possibility of mid-score clef changes. However, it is at least sometimes, perhaps more than half the time, desirable. So I'd consider it a valid feature request. See #4954: Change instrument via staff properties doesn't affect clef - apparently there has been a PR for this outstanding for some time. Probably pretty outdated by now and in need of revisiting.

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