Better Brackets

• Apr 18, 2016 - 20:14

Right now, the brackets in Musescore are rather lacking. It's an all-or-nothing affair, where you can only have brackets on all of a particular staff for the entire piece or not at all. When combined with invisible staves, this makes for disaster, especially since brackets cannot be made invisible. What would make brackets far better to use would be the following:

Give us the ability, when adding brackets, to choose which staff the bracket starts on and which staff the bracket ends on. This should remove most of the problems that I've mentioned, if not all of them.


I don't understand - you can already choose which staff the bracket starts on (the staff you initially attach to) and which staff it ends up (double click and drag). Do you perhaps mean which *system*? The problem with making anything depend on systems is that systems change. Increase the font size, add measures, decrease stretch, etc - all of these end up reflowing your music such that no given system contains the same music as before.

Could you post a score where you are having problems and be more specific about where you would like brackets to appear differently, and what goes wrong when you use invisible staves?

Not sure exactly what you mean @Ispril, but have you read the page in the handbook on Brackets??

Specifically, the "Edit" section contains:

"When you first apply a bracket it only spans one staff. To extend the bracket to other staves, double-click on it (or click on it and press Ctrl + E) to enter edit mode, then drag the handle downwards to span the required staves. The handle snaps into position, so exact placement is not required."

They seem to react properly when staffs are hidden also.

Alright, seems that I wasn't particularly clear. I don't mean having a bracket that spans multiple staves such as a grand staff, but the fact that the bracket appears on all subsequent staff lines throughout the entire score. For examples, just look at any piano score that has a part that extends the grand staff. Rachmaninov's Prelude in C sharp minor, for instance, splits the grand staff into two grand staves- one for the left hand, one for the right. Both get their own curly bracket, with a non-curly bracket connecting both. This notation is currently impossible in Musescore; the non-curly bracket, if placed, will exist on every single staff throughout the sheet which looks awful. Godowsky's Passacaglia does something similar, but has the curly bracket extend across all the staves but with a square bracket around the specific left hand or right hand areas.

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OK, I *think* I am following you. You have four staves, the first two get a curly brace, so do the second two, and then a plain bracket on the whole thing - except when there are only two staves, you don't want the outer bracket. That makes sense. Seems to me there should be a more direct way of specifying this, though, than needing to explicitly tell MuseScore each and every time you want this to start. More like, a property on the bracket that says to only appear when more than two staves are involved, yes? In fact, one might argue this should just happen automatically by default - an outer bracket should be suppressed if there is an inner bracket on the exact same staves.

Something like that, anyhow. I'd suggest opening a feature request.

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