Protect scores

• May 3, 2016 - 11:22

Hello everybody,

First of all, I apologise for my English, as it is not my mother tongue.

One feature I miss in Musescore is the capability to protect scores against any modification, once the scores are considered the final version. Something similar to files in Excel or Word, so you can avoid accidental modifications of the score.

I guess it would not be so difficult to implement.



You can already have this: just mark the files read only, via whatever your OS offers for this (Windows: in Explorer right-click/Properties/writeprotected, in Linux `chmod +w <filename>`)

It is not build into MuseScore though. And MuseScore only tells you about the write protection as soon as you try to write, rather than from the start, e.g. in the Title bar "MuseScore 2: <Filename> (read only)"

I too would like a feature to protect selected areas. This would be very useful with collaboration projects. An option to change the color of the protected sections would be helpful.

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