Do not a a flat when using a tie note

• May 5, 2016 - 07:15

Help me how to add a flat when I using a tie note?


And in MuseScore:


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2 options to do this.

1. Use a slur instead of tie (it will not sound correct anymore but the score will look the same)
2. Add the flat to the second note from the symbol palet, open the palet with shortcut Z, find the flat, drag to the second a flat in the score and use horizontal offset to position it.

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Generally the rule is: No accidentals on tied notes. They stay the same pitch even across barlines. So Musescore does this by the book and your example does not.

However: If you do your example by the book don't forget the flat on the e flat right before the end of the picture (I am assuming the lower staff is Bass clef). Since the tied note does no longer have an accidental you need it there.

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