Instrument Text Size Not Reseting?

• Nov 3, 2011 - 15:26

While adjusting the spacing for a piece, I changed some of the text in the instrument name (staff properties). I then readjusted the spacing (made it larger), and nothing went wrong. I then realized some of the staves went off the page, and readjusted the spacing to its prior setting. The text size of the instruments I edited (and only those that I did) stayed the same size as when I made the spacing bigger. All the others adjusted as they should have.
Is this a bug? Can I fix this?

Windows 7
Musescore 1.0



I have the same problem with lyrics, although I don't see any resizing of the text at all.
I've had the piece set at different spacings while I've been arranging and inputting lyrics and the text all stays at the (different) sizes that they got when they were entered.

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Could you post a sample score and steps to reproduce? In my scores, changing the space setting (overall scale factor for entire score, in Layout->Page Settings) *does* affect lyrics, as well as most other text. But instrument text often gets left behind. There are a number of issues with text handling in the 1.X series that will be fixed when 2.0 eventually comes out, but you can still usually get the results you want even in 1.X. Here is a useful overview:

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I've posted a sample here:

The lyrics with the largest font were put in, when the score was new and I hadn't messed with the layout.
the second-to largest were added after I changed to landscape, and the smallest after I changed the spacing.

I'm using version 1.1 on mac os Lion. I'm using Danish localization.
Let me know if I can provide any more information that would be of help.

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