Layout: easier way to change number of bars per system/moving bar lines

• Sep 4, 2015 - 21:39

I am currently working on a project with keyboard music (Bach transcriptions, something very interesting and important I think). To enable page turnings I want to change the number of bars per system. Not globally but for some systems. Increase decrease stretch very often does not work. Changing the entire style is not an option because it changes the whole score. It is very easy to add a line or page break but to force measures on one page or system it is (almost?) Impossible.
I think I remember from Sibelius (or Finale?) that you can move bar lines and so make the bars smaller, that would be cool to have!


if decreasing stretch does not work (you did try decreasing more than just one notch?), then this is because some other setting you have is making it impossible. Changing style is the way to go. Yes, it affects the whole score, but then simply add line breaks back and you're in business. If that doesn't make sense, post the specific score you are having problems with and we can show you.

I, too, would like to change the number of measures on some of the systems, but I don't understand the comment about changing the style. Please clarify.

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It's hard to be specific without seeing the specific score in question and knowing what exactly you want to do.

But in general, the setting Style / General / Measure / Spacing controls how tightly music is spaced, which in turn determines how many measures fir per system. That settings is global - it affects the whole score. Layout / Increase/Decrease Stretch is you you override that spacing settings for selected measures. You can also simply add Line Breaks to break some lines earlier than they otherwise would, basically just like how hitting Enter in a word processor can end a line early.

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but when you insert a break somewhere, the program leaves a bar alone instead transporting the single bar to the above system, hence leaving irregular number of bars. For me this is annoying, it's a really important issue, easy enough to use in every other program.
where is the bars per staff plugin of the previous version? i can't find it here, nor any other way of setting it. thanks!

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Adding break does exactly what it says - it adds a break. if you *also* want to move the bar to the previous system, that's totally separate. Just as with a word processor - hitting "Enter" in the middle of a line cuts that line short but doesn't move text from that line to the previous line.

To get a bar to move to the previous line, you need to first make sure there is no existing line break at the end of the previous system, and then perhaps also make the measures you want to fit a little smaller - Layout / Decrease Stretch. Again, similar for a word processor if you want to squeeze a word onto the previous line.

This has not changed from any previous version. The only thing that has changed is that there used to be an option to force a invisible undeleteable line breaks every X measures for the entire score, and that has been replaced with the much more flexible command in Edit / Tools to place regular deletable line breaks every X measures, and to limit this to just a given selection.

Again, if you want further help, it is best to atach the score you are having oproblems with, and a clear description of the problem you are having.

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