Volta 1,3 for multiple plays?

• Aug 22, 2016 - 00:15

Is it possible to have Musescore 2.03 create Volta's with multiple passes, such as the "1, 3" volta at the bottom of the attached PDF page?
If not, how can MuseScore be made to properly play a Volta that is notated this way in the paper score?

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Sure, j8st right click the volta asnd use Volta Properties to set it up as you see fit. Depending on the specifics you might also need to set the repeat count for the measure itself in Measure Properties.

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I did as you suggest and the “1, 3” volta seems to work OK.
But the “2” Volta does not.
The Voltas play in this sequence: 1, 2, 3(same as 1)+2+4.
Also, I cannot change the repeat count for either of the two measure that are Volta 2. The repeat count field is dimmed.
( Only measures ending with Repeat Bars can have their "Repeat Count" changed from "2"? )

Attached is the file .

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Repeat count is only meaningful in measures that contain repeat bars. Your volta 2 doesn't have a repeat bar, so that's why that is greyed out, and that is why it doesn't repeat. The DS doesn't really make sense here. It's not at all clear what the intended order is to me, so no surprise MuseScore can't figure out your intent either.

Actually, in this specific scenario (having the D.S. in between, combined with the repeat count of 3) screws over the correct playback of the "1,3" in MuseScore.
See attached minimal example, which works 'almost' ok if the repeat count is set to 2, but changing it to 3 results in rather unexpected results.

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