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• Aug 26, 2016 - 15:33

In b3c18ba5be, soon in a master nightly, I implemented a way to filter the elements in the side palettes according to #52086: Ability to search menus and palettes for a given element. Have a look, and tell me what you think.



Unless I'm missing something, there is no way to transfer keyboard control from the search bar to the palette. I guess that's the next step; I will try to look into this. Also, an easier way to use the keyboard to transfer control to the search bar in the first place (easier than hitting tab a couple of dozen times), but that's part of a bigger issue of navigation between windows that Andrei and I had discussed but never quite gotten around to.

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Just tried.
My very first impression is that I would have preferred (or have the two possibilities?)- in the spirit of the selection of a simple palette, see picture below - the ability to display two or three palettes at the same time, rather than a single palette or by searching (by definition, one by one: it is a limitation), as suggested in this thread:


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As a "from time to time" tester: I didn't notice this feature before. Not sure, if it would be convenient for me. Because I'm faster to click the element direct in the palettes, when I know, in which palette the element for my needs is located.

Maybe it would be more useful to have a shortcut and the filter would be opening in a separate window, so I haven't to move in the left corner with the mouse (see picture). But as mentioned: not sure.


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A little more explanation for the lack of usefulness, for me: I already know the content of the palettes, and therefore, I already know where I have to go (I spend more time to immediately open the suitable palette - readability question - despite I know the "area" where the desired palette is located).
The content of these palettes is not that important. This has nothing to do with finding symbols or instruments that are much more numerous.

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I agree, it's not a feature to find an element easier. So when it's allow to spin: a second suggestion I could imagine in which case such a feature would be more efficient:


Bye the way . - in the palette "Tempo": "Grave", "Largo" and so on are all labeled with the label "tempo text". Shouldn't they labeled with the expression they stands for?

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I've used it occasionally, but I too am already pretty familiar with where to find things, so I tend not to think of the search. In order for it to seem truly useful to me, there would need to be a shortcut to transfer focus to the search bar and the ability to traverse the results by keyboard, so I could add markings without needing to click. It's been on my todo list to look into how involved that would be (and see if any of Andrei's work from a year or two ago could be leveraged).

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I've tried it, and seems to be useful for quickly searching obscure symbols. But what I really want is an option to alphabetise the palette top level ( as I find myself always spending time manually scanning the palette.

One thing I noticed about this search feature is that typing in a single letter, gives a lot of things that may contain a word somewhere in their description that starts with that letter, but I think those should probably be left out until users types a more letters. So maybe if only typed one letter, then maybe just list the elements whose first word of their description starts with that letter, while if typed more, then list things where any word of the description starts with that string.

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