• Oct 17, 2016 - 23:51

Basically when I add a trill, the note continues when there's rests that follow the end of the note. I'm on a Windows 10 OS. Also, there should be an option for half step and whole step trills, just saying.


Please attach the score with which you are having problems, so that we can see it and try to determine what is going on.

The number of half-steps between the notes in a trill is determined by the tonality in which you are working. For instance, if you mark a trill over a B when working in G Major it should trill a half step (between C and B). OTOH, if you mark a trill on a B when working in A Major, it should trill a whole step (between C# and B).

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If you're not using key signatures, you would be working in modal form, so use an accidental to modify the note you want raised or lowered. In many modern transcriptions of Medieval and Renaissance music, the accidental is placed above the note rather than in front of it.

To get this to play back properly, you need to have the accidental linked to the note. First, add the accidental to the principal note by clicking on the appropriate icon in the main toolbar. The accidental will appear in front of the note in the usual position.

Next, click and drag the accidental to a position above the note. If the accidental is 'optional' (as many in this type of music are), add parentheses to it from the 'Accidentals' palette by clicking on the note, then on the parentheses symbol in the palette.

Note that trills do not playback 'on-board' in your computer in all versions of MuseScore, but once you upload it to your page on, it should playback properly.

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