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• Nov 12, 2016 - 18:22

I recently upgraded to the latest version, and the font size increase/decrease box next to the piano keyboard is gone. Is it hiding somewhere? I really need this. The default font is way too small in print. Thanks so much. - Susan


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Yes, the text tool bar used to be displayed next to the piano keyboard, and now it's not. How do I get it back?
To clarify, when I double click on text, click Command A to highlight, the text tool bar does not appear like it did before the update.
Sorry, I miss-typed. I meant font size not fint.

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Do you mean which Mac version? 10.7.5 Lion. (in need of an update, soon). I already had and everything was fine until I got an update notice, so I installed it. The update was designated, which is how it appears in my downloads. Can't tell you where the 1-2 came from.
However, everything is now as it was since I closed the program and reopened. Now all is working well.

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I meant the version shown when you've launched MuseScore and go to Help > About….

But it looks like you've already answered the question. The -2 is very likely added by your browser because a file with the same name had already been saved into that folder.

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