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• Aug 20, 2009 - 15:56

can't figure how to change and re-set the font size on lyrics. Everytime I go to a new lyric box, the font reverts back to the default setting.


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Tried that also. It works for that word in that box only. When I space over to type in the next word, it changes back to 11, which is perhaps the default size. I also went into the Edit style box and changed that setting but it has not effect either. I am at a loss.

I have encounter this bug a couple times before. With a little effort I was able to come up with a series of steps that reproduces the problem you are probably experiencing. See

To workaround the problem in the past I have saved a copy of the file as mscx and opened it up in a text editor. If you compare the text syllables that are behaving correctly with the misbehaving text syllables you will see a difference. I used Find and Replace to fix the problem. Maybe there are other workarounds until the bug gets fixed.

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Thanks so much for describing this workaround, it was very helpful to me. Now my score looks presentable! :-)

I have another sort of preemptive workaround for the situation in which I encountered the bug, namely when changing existing lyrics after having changed various sizes of things in the layout. The new lyrics will then appear in a different font size, and right clicking them and changing the font size in text properties will only mysteriously delete the note associated with the lyrics - not even replacing it with a rest (yes, it's a very rude bug!). Ctrl+Z won't help once the lyrics have been entered with the wrong size. What I do in order to avoid this behaviour is therefore as follows:

* Double click the lyrics you want to change
* Do not under any circumstance delete anything at this point!
* Instead, insert the new word in the middle of the text.
* Then and only then is it safe to delete the letters you don't want, and remaining is your new word in the same font size as the rest of the lyrics.

I don't know if this is in fact the same bug as the one you described. If it is however a different bug in need of reporting I'll be happy to do that.

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