Shortcut does not work on multiple notes

• Jan 25, 2017 - 20:09

Many shortcuts (e.g. shift-s for staccato) works when you select either groups of notes or ctrl-click multiple notes. I have created a shortcut for several beam properties (Beam Start for one). When I select more than one note in any manner I get the following error.

No Note or rest selected:
Please select a single note or rest and retry operation.

If I do the same thing and double click the icon in the palette it works as expected (as with staccato). There is no reason to limit this feature in this manner. I wanted to put out feelers here prior to submitting (another) bug report. I'm trying to remember all of the bugs I live with in 2.0.3 while I test out 2.1 while mostly doing my normal stuff. As I find them I am either posting here or simply creating a bug report.


Makes sense to me. When you submit this to issue tracker (not sure whether to call it a bug or a feature request, but either way, it's a usability issue that deserves to be considered), see if you can list which commands work and which don't. Even a partial list of non-working shortcuts would be useful. My assumption is, they will need to be fixed one by one.

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If anyone wants to know what I've tested, I'll put notes on it here.

Grace notes seem to work as expected.

Accidentals seem to work as expected.

Those seem to be the only palette items you can add to individual or multiple unrelated notes besides the beams, which do not work.

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I've had a few minutes now too as well, and can add to this.

There is Shift+S for staccato, as you mentioned, and it works. So do the shortcuts for the other articulations, like Shift+V for sforzato, Shift+O for marcato, and Shift+N for tenuto. There is no default shortcut for parentheses, but you can customize one, and it seems to work for multiple selection.

The shortcuts for lines - "S" for slur, "<" for hairpins - also work with multiple selections, in ways that are fine tuned to the specific line type. That is, they are designed to work if you've selected 2 notes total, and then they create lines from the start to end note on each staff. They also work for ranges, and apply the line to each staff individually.

The shortcuts for adding text don't really make sense to apply to multiple ntoes since they require you to actually type.

So you are probably right - only the beam shortcuts need to be adjusted. Good catch!

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There have been a few times I wished I could select a note in several of the strings and type pizz. for all of them at once along with a few other situations. Having said that it is probably best not to allow multiple staff texts to be entered at once. I suspect it would lead to a bunch of "Where did this text come from?" or "Why are my oboes told to play pizzicato?" forum posts.

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Of course if you add that to a custom palette, you *can* add it to multiple notes at once - just not with a shortcut.

I still very much want to see us add the ability to define shortcuts for *any* palette item, rather than needing separate "commands" to attach shortcuts to. I have thoughts on how this could be implemented, I just haven't found the time to get back into serious development. But my assumption is, if we attach a shortcut directly to the palette item, it will work *exactly* like double clicking, meaning it should work with multiple selections via shortcut if it does from the palette.

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