superscripting on chord symbols

• Mar 16, 2017 - 16:31

I love MuseScore! But I'm having difficulty getting the superscripting to work properly. I chose Jazz style for the chord symbols. I had trouble figuring out how to get the text style toolbar to show, but then I did, and it worked as long as it was displayed. But when I finished editing and escaped, the superscripted symbol went back to its regular level, not superscripted. I also can't always get the text toolbar to show. I am using version 2.0.3.
Help? I am using the number system for chords rather than letters. That shouldn't matter.


This is done automagically, or not at all. Normal text stiles don't apply to chord symbols.
The text is parsed and rendered accordingly, so it just wont work with numbers rather than letters

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Chord symbols need to be handled specially because they need to be understood by the software in order to transpose them and to export them to MusicXML. And we also need to understand the chord symbol in order to know which symbols to superscript and be how much. Consider, Bb7b9, there are two b's there and they need to be handled differently, so it isn't as simple as just saying, if you see a "b" superscript it.

So yes, we do in fact need to understand a chord symbol in order to do the automatic things we do. If you choose to use a notation we don't understand, you won't get the automatic handling. So if the formatting is important, simply enter it as regular text and do the formatting yourself.

Some day we may add support for Nashville numbering - is that what you are trying to do?

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Thank you for the explanation. It makes better sense. Yes, I am trying to use the Nashville numbering. I like it especially for chord charts since I don't have to have multiple charts if I choose to do something in a different key. The help files could be more clear on this than they are. And since I could almost get it to work, it seemed especially frustrating.
I hope you consider adding support for the number system for chord symbols. It would add a good feature to an already great piece of software.

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