Select Similar Elements Again

• Mar 24, 2017 - 05:43

In the attached file, I entered the lyrics in the Soprano 1, selected the first lyric, chose select all similar elements in the same staff. It worked fine. I then copied and pasted it to the Soprano 2 and Alto parts.

Next I entered the lyrics in the Tenor and Bass. But when I selected the first syllable and chose Select all Similar Element in the Same Line, nothing happened. Select SImilar Elements has the same result. And it no longer works on the Soprano either.

Is this still a known bug or is something going on in my score. Please see attached. TIA

Attachment Size
Dona_Nobis_Pacem.mscz 21.55 KB


Ok. this is weird. I went and had lunch and left the file open on my computer. When I came back Select all Similar Elements works.

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