Sequential Rehearsal Markings

• Apr 24, 2017 - 01:14

I have been working on a piece of music that every once in a while, I want to add new measures in the middle of where I'm already writing, and every time I do, I have to go back and edit the rehearsal markings so that they match the location in the music. Say if I were to add 8 measures between measures 16 and 17, and I have a rehearsal mark at 17 "[17]," when the new measures are added, "[17]" is now at measure 25, and reflects the wrong location in the score.

My Suggestion is to add a system where rehearsal markings are programmable to say the measure they are on, or follow a sequential order, like A, B, C, and so forth, that way, if a new rehearsal marking is added in between two pre-existing markings, all markings will update to reflect the change.


Ethan Neal


As you have apparently already discovered, the rehearsal marks will automatically generate in order, including according measure numbers. If you enter new measures and the rehearsal marks need to be redone, there is a menu option Edit->Tools->Resequence Rehearsal Marks that will use the first rehearsal mark in the selection or if nothing selected in the entire score and correctly number (or letter) them according to the pattern.

For this reaosn and others, the norm is to use *letters* rather than numbers. Then you don't need to resequence them every time you insert measures. But as mentioned, you *can* resequence at any time, and this facility actually works equally well whether you use letters or use the measure number as a rehearsal mark.

If you really do want to use measure numbers as rehearsal marks, you can also consider not entering them as rehearsal marks at all but simply enabling the display of measure numbers for these measures (in Measure Properties, then using the Inspector to assign them the Rehearsal Mark text style so they *look* like rehearsal marks. Then they will update automatically.

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