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• Apr 29, 2017 - 17:21

I recently uploaded a new piece, which I am soon changing the name of to "Island Swing." However, instead of the Hawaiian guitar, I get a piano. Same for the Feedback Guitar. I have since changed the electric guitar to a piano, but it still converts wrong.

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Which soundfont are you using on your computer (see View / Synthesizer)? My guess is it is some third party / non-General-MIDI soundfont. msuescore.com doesn't have access to your soundfont, so you won't get the same sounds. Better to stick to the default soundfont for scores you upload to musescore.com. Although starting with 2.1 (to be released in a few days) you will be able to upload your own audio along with the score.

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If you mean the "tremolo" sound from the default soundfont, yes, that issue should be resolve.d But note, that's not really the right way to achieve tremolo - better to simply use the tremolo symbols on the palette. That way both MuseScore and the human musicians playing your score will know what to do - and that symbol already plays back correctly in 2.0.3

You said you uploaded the piece, and I assume you then downloaded the piece or played it online. You probably entered it as some supported guitar and then changed the name of the instrument. When you uploaded it, the site looked for an instrument name "Hawaiian Guitar" to assign through the mixer. When it couldn't find one, it defaulted to piano. So when you (or someone else) played it, it played as a piano (mixer probably said "Stereo Grand"). Pro members can save the synthesizer to the score and will not experience this if they do.

This is a theory based upon experience but may not be the definite answer.

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