How to change the time signature and have it change the notes, too?

• Mar 2, 2013 - 21:36

So I'm having a major problem...
I'm working on a piece of music for school and transposing it, and most of it is in 3/8, 9/8 or 2/2. It's for my high school band to play. So I got a lot of it done and then brought my teacher part of the score, and he asked me to put all of it in either 3/4 or cut time (for the 2/2 part). The problem is, when I go to change the time signature, it simply adds extra rests instead of changing the note duration. I've tried editing the measure properties and had the same problem, as well as copying and pasting into a new score with the correct time signature, which just turned into a huge jumbled mess.
I'm running low on time and I don't really have the time to go back and re-enter all the notes. Does anyone have a way of working around this problem?


Copy and paste is the way to go. Not sure what went wrong the first time, but try again - it will work when you get it right. If you continue to have trouble, post the score and describe step by step what you are doing, and we should be able to set you straight.

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You can copy multiple instruments at once if the order matches. Well, you can copy even if they don't match, but you might not like the results :-)

You can try the plugin, but you might fnd there are limitations in what it handles. The same will be true of copy & paste, though. Anyhow, either should beat starting from scratch!

I'm thinking that you might have a need for the "DoubleTime" Plugin here but posting the score really would help a lot.

At a guess, select the 3/8 bit, DoubleTime it, copy the DoubleTime result and paste it into a new score in 3/4 time. Do a similar thing with the 9/8 and you will effectively have changed 9/8 to 9/4 to 3/4.

Again, though, post the score if you want effective help rather than have twenty questions fired back at you

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