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• Mar 9, 2013 - 16:14


I am new to nodes and Musescore so I might seem unprecise in my help request formulation, however I will try my best.

I use version 1.3 on Windows XP.

I am trying to achieve some simple drum notes. 32 tics on a 4/4 rhythm

I start by making a new sheet with unpitched percussion drumset 5 lines, four bars

The first thing I do is to create layer one consisting og four times 16 16th notes on the hi hat, X with line up

The next layer is the hi hat foot on each 1, 2, 3 and 4 straight throughout

The next thing, i.e., the third layer, is to add the snare drum on 2 and four, straight throughout

Now, this all works fine, however now I want to add the last, fouth, layer which should present the Bass drum.

Musescore does not allow me to add this last layer, it seem to become very unstable and react unpredictably in many ways, so I wonder if I built the whole thing the wrong way? Any clues to how I can manipulate a fourth layer in a stable and predictable manner?

I attached a file that was the closest to the result I wanted, however it is not exactly what I want and it seems strange I can not get to add or delete new notes without either deleting noted in other layers, fuse with other notes or whatever strange things that happen when I try to introduce new eight'th pauses or notes on the fourth layer.

Please notify jenskaae@gmail.com (me) if any clues to any improvements.



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