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• Mar 14, 2013 - 11:23

i have a problem with the tempo markings... i'm new with MuseScore and i was trying on some tempo texts,
i tried a largo in the middle of the score and then i deleted it... but now, no matter what i do, it still plays that part in largo... it doesnt go off even if the marking is not here now... please help!!!


As the default speed is 120BPM, just attach such a tempo text (e.g. Alegretto) to the first note/rest of your score.
I guess after having save once you can delete it again.

Are you sure you really deleted it, as opposed to perhaps moving it off the page where you can't see it any more? Does it still play back incorrectly if you close then re-load the score? Can you post it if so?

Please post the score. So many similar-sounding posts have an easy solution that can only be seen by looking at the score. That way you get one (hopefully good) answer to your question instead of several guesses and more questions.

Hi -

I've been noticing this for quite some time, using 1.2 on Windows XP. The score doesn't matter. Take any score you have around and try it yourself.

I'm not at home right now so these directions may not be 100% correct, but try these steps:

Create -> Text -> Tempo
select a tempo (preferably very slow or very fast, so you can tell) and OK
play back the score
delete the tempo you just added
play back the score

The selected (and deleted) tempo is still in effect, not the default one, or the one you had before.


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Hmm, I just tried on my system (1.3, WIndows 7) and didn't see the problem. I fill a score with quarter notes and added a tempo text (240 BPM) to the downbeat of the third bar. I verified that playback sped up at that spot when starting from the beginning. I then deleted the tempo text, reset playback to the beginning of the score, and hit play again - this time, no tempo change. I also tried it without resrtting playback to beginning of score, and again, tempo was as it should be (the default 120 BPM).

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