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• Mar 19, 2013 - 11:04

Attached is a cut-out of the piece I'm working on. (Piano)
As there will be no lyrics added between the (lower) Treble and Bass clefs, how do I increase the distance to something reasonable?
Attempts so far have added distance between the two Treble staves.

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I tried all that - it works if there is 1 treble staff and 1 bass staff. It doesn't work when there is 2 treble staves and 1 bass - and what I want to do is increase the distance bet the lower treble and bass.
All the commands - akkolaide, etc, etc, only increase the space between the top 2 staves. There is no way of telling the program which 2 staves I want spaced apart.

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Can you post the score here, rather than just a picture of it?
I guess the bottom staff is not part of the accolade, but rather a separate instrument, so "Staff distance" should be the one to change, like in the attached example staff-distance.
In the attache example accolade-distctance itis the "Accolade distance" or "Great Stave distcance" that makes the difference.

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Accolade distance = distance between two staves within a single instrument

Staff distances = distance between the staves of two *different* instruments

It appears you have set up your score incorrectly. Assuming this is meant to be a score for voice and piano, then bottom two staves should be a single "piano" instrument, with the top staff a separate "voice" instrument. You seem to have this backwards - you have the top *two* staves combined as a single instrument (can't tell from the picture if it's set up as voice or piano), and the bottom staff being all by itself. This will cause problems should you wish to use the mixer to alter the sounds, or otherwise perform certain manipulations of the score - the piano RH is tied to the voice rather than to the piano LH.

But even set up as it appears to be, you can still increase the distance between the top instrument (consisting of the top two staves) and the bottom instrument (consisting of the bottom staff) via Staff Distance.

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aaaaahhh, thank you.
That's the answer I was looking for. I guessed the problem had something to do with the staves.
The bracket on the end grouped the two treble staves together, so that's what you are talking about - it's the wrong 2 staves.
Now I understand.
Many, many thanks.

Did you create this as a Voice part on top and a Piano below or did you create a Piano part with three staves? Or have you done something different like create a Piano part on top but are treating the top stave as a voice part and you've added another stave to the bottom?

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