Entering note fingerings

• Mar 20, 2013 - 14:57

Whenever a fingering number is entered, it appears to close to a note to be seen. Then I have to select each fingering number and reposition it manually so that it can be seen above the note. Can I automatically align the fingering numbers when they are entered into a score?


Not currently as far as I know. But there has been work in this area for 2.0, so hopefully things will be better when that comes out.

One thing you *can* do now is move them all at once: Right click one, either "select all similar elements" and then drag them together via ctrl-drag, or else right click one, text properties, adjust the offset, and click "apply to all".

I suspect either of these methods will affect text other than fingerings, but assuming you don't have that much other text, you can ctrl-R to reset them individually.

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