GSoC 2017: Accessibility - Week 11

Posted 5 years ago

This week I fixed some bugs in the master palette and also worked on the navigation of templates in the new score wizard.

Key accomplishments

  • Fixed navigation of Symbols palette:
    On pressing Enter, the symbols palette is expanded. Pressing the down arrow key selects the next symbol palette. Previously, there was a problem expanding the symbols palette. I also fixed a bug in the navigation from certain symbol palettes like Barlines and Clefs.

  • Reduced code duplication in master palette and new score wizard navigation:
    I used the same keyPressEvent function to make both the master palette and the key signature palette in the new score wizard navigable.

  • Template navigation:
    I enabled navigation of templates using the keyboard. Right/left arrow keys can be used to navigate through the templates. The next button gets enabled when a template gets selected. This was not happening before, when tab was used for navigation. Currently, if tab is used along with right/left arrow keys, there are problems. It works fine if only right/left arrow keys are used for navigation.

Key tasks that stalled

  • Palette shortcuts:
    I wasn't able to work on this branch much, as I was working on master palette navigation and template navigation.

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Clean up the palette shortcut code
  • Fix bug in template navigation when tab is used



I have a little question for you. Is this accessibility work being done for a future update of Muse score, or is it being done for the current and latest version. I want to know whether I'll be seeing these new features soon, or at a later point. Either of those would be fine, I'm just wondering.

Also, thank you so much for creating accessibility features for this program. I've always wanted to compose music, I've just needed these features in order to facilitate the composition.

Keep up the awesome work!

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The accessibility work is being done for a future release, not for the latest version. Hopefully, some part of the work (such as the next element and previous element commands) could be included in 2.2 as well.
Thanks a lot for the encouragement! Some of these features are available in the nightly builds, so feel free to try them out. Feedback would be welcome.