main mood to 440.0 Hz to 415.0 Hz change MuseScore Nightly Build.

• Apr 11, 2013 - 13:52

Dear people,
I've been using until now with pleasure MuseScore Nightly Build.
With the newest update version 2.00. Revision 4f5befc I have a problem.
I do not succeed the main mood to 440.0 Hz to 415.0 Hz change in the mood.
To change this go I Program to: Picture, Synthesizer and only right of the window, the mood naar415.0 Hz
Just for information in that same window is only 1 sound fond fluid.sf3.
If I've changed the mood then I'm basically not what I should do. There are several options that I've tried everything but to no avail.

1. To adapt the program to close, restart but that is the mood at 440.0Hz
2. The SAVE button in the window click, play a file that is currently still the mood 440.hz displays. Also restart also shows 440.hz again
3. Then I can select the file fluid.sf3 and repeat the above operations. This also gives the desired result.
What also is not saved, the change in the Synthesizer of the Master Effect. There, too, I would like to see a solution for
Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
Fred Paul Vogel


Hi chen lung,
Thanks for your email. Sorry my English is very poor. You advice it’s not the solution to the problem. The program play the music always in 440.0Hz I can set the synthesiser to 415.0 Hz but hi don’t remember my instructions. Hi start always with the synthesizer on 440.hz .
I hope you can understand my bad English .


You must keep in mind the nightly builds are unstable and not meant for regular use. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don't. Right now, it seems the synthesizer doesn't remember settings. I'm sure that will get fixed eventually. But meanwhile, if you are trying to do any real work, you should be using 1.3.

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The newer version of MuseScore Nightly Build as Nifgtly version 2.00 revision 94c8893 it strikes me that there are two icons are missing in the window of the "PREFERENCES". In "Sound Fond Path" and "SFZ Files Path". Therefore, it is not possible to choose from. Another Path
These icons do occur in older versions of Nightly.
Question 1. Is there a reason that they are missing? And why?
Question 2. Can there be anything to do behind the lack of these icons, and functions to store the inability changes in synthesizer Head Mood 440.0 Hz to 415.0 Hz and then use. The synthesizer don’t remember the change.


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