Can't change note head color back to orange (orange is the new black)

• Sep 17, 2017 - 20:46

I had a score were I marked several sections as orange by selecting a couple bars, choosing a color in the inspector, and then applying that color. Now I want to reset the color to black, but for one section I cannot do so. I have tried:

  • The inspector while a bar is selected
  • The inspector while notes are selected
  • Copy-pasting around.

None of these have any effect on the note head colors. The stem colors do change. If I paste this segment to another staff, it is black. If I copypaste it back, it is orange again. If I completely delete a note, the next entered one is always orange.

Boiled down score with issue is attached.

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test.mscz 5.69 KB


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Thanks for this post. I just figured out the automatic colors. Olive note heads are out of range for amateur players, and red note heads are out of range for professional players.

You can disable those colors by changing the amateur and professional ranges of the instrument in the staff properties.

 Your post pointed me in the right direction.


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