Double Chord Rows?

• May 11, 2013 - 02:15

At least one of our local jazzniks seems to feel that having a double-row of chords above the staff is crucial. They also say that they cannot live without rhythm kicks above the staff. Are these things even possible? Musescore already doesn't understand 60% of the way they notate chords. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe it isn't the people I've been thrown in with.

Anyway, any feedback would be welcome. Thanks.



I think I understand,

Double chord row: MS does not have a particular way to do this, but you can select a note and add more than one chord name - you just have to move them over top of each other.

Rhythms outside of stave: use a 2nd voice, change the notehead to a slash type and move them outside the stave.

Yes - double row of chords is best done just by adding more chords and manually dragging them into position. Looks like there is a chance this might be improved for 2.0, but given you don't normally need a whole second row, doing it manually is not hard.

Rhythm kicks can be done via the Slash Notation Styles plugin as described in the advanced part of my lead sheet tutorial (see the links I included in my response to one of your other threads).

As for MuseScore not understanding chords, see the Handbook section Chord name . There are a variety of chord name styles to choose from; probably one will fit what they are expecting.

For 2.0, I'm working on making chord symbols more flexible, but I don't know how much of what I am working on will make it in. If not 2.0, hopefully the next release.

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